We help marketing and product teams bring innovation to market.

Marketing and product teams are challenged to launch and grow successful products. It is important and exciting work, and we know it is not easy. They must:

  • Identify attractive markets
  • Understand customer needs in-depth
  • Articulate customer needs with clarity and authority
  • Segment the market to identify the best target customers
  • Analyze the competition to benchmark existing solutions
  • Evaluate product ideas based on customer value
  • Acquire and retain customers
  • Prioritize the Product Roadmap
  • Align cross-functional teams to business objectives
  • And much more...

How do we help?

Jobs to be Researched helps marketing and product teams find opportunities for growth by providing research focused on the jobs customers want to get done when purchasing a product or service.

1. Job Finding for Market Strategy

We help to uncover the jobs your customers are trying to get done (the Jobs to be Done). Once the jobs are known, we then quantify the relative opportunity score for each.

2. Identifying the Job Steps & Outcome Metrics

Next we identify the steps a customer takes to get the job done (Job Steps), and the specific criteria customers use to judge how well a job or job step is getting done (Outcome Metrics)

3. Quantify the customer needs

We survey your customers to find the relative importance and current satisfaction for each outcome metric. This quantification is used to segment based on customer needs, and generate a map of the opportunity landscape.

4. Analysis for Product Strategy

We use the research output to find opportunities for innovation, and make concrete recommendations for the next step of product development.

5. Concept Development, Testing, and Validation

With your team we develop product or service concepts that satisfy the unmet needs identified in previous steps. These concepts can then be tested and validated in the market via Lean methods.

Our clients:

  • Are looking for opportunities to meet their customers unmet needs
  • Interested in using the Jobs to be Done framework

About Clara: I am an anthropologist, UX researcher, and Jobs to be Done practitioner. Over my 15 year career in research, I have worked for organizations such as National Geographic, World Bank, Stanford, Code for America, Radio Ambulante, Ipsos, Nielsen, and Unilever.

View my portfolio of research at claraslist.com

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